Combining business, science & technology to make a good impact.

I’m an entrepreneur passionate about business, technology and science, with a strong background and solid experience in technology and  business.

I’am currently Director of Space Latam (an initiative to kickstart the space industry in Latin America), representant of Copernicus, a European Union program, Global Facilitator & Community Leader of Startup Weekend, also a speaker and consultant in subjects such as project execution, entrepreneurship and strategy.

Throughout this entire time, I’ve worked and cooperated with a diverse range of companies, small businesses, banks, organizations, movements, non-profits, investment funds, angel investor networks, and governments.

I specialize in:

Entrepreneurs, initial startups phase from idea to MVP, business model and validation.

Business strategy, niche markets, inbound sales and content marketing.

Entrepreneurs ecosystems, communities and NGOs. Interorganizational cooperation.

Web and mobile technology. Geospatial big data applied to various industries.

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