José Medina is an entrepreneur who is passionate about business, technology and science, with a strong background and solid experience in technology and digital business. He is currently the General Organizer of Space Challenge Latam (kick-starting the space industry in Latin America), owner of Digital Up (providing digital services to businesses in the international commerce sector), GrowByte (a commercial consultancy company), and also a speaker and consultant in subjects such as project execution, entrepreneurship and strategy.

He was born in Madrid, Spain, though from an early age he traveled and lived in several Latin American countries such as Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile Paraguay and Argentina, where he currently resides. José began in the entrepreneurial world when he was 17 years old, developing an Administration & Accountability software that won contests and attracted the interest of accountancy schools & organizations in Paraguay in 2010.

Talk in Metropolitan Center of Design in Buenos Aires
Interview during Starup Weekend Rosario

He moved to Buenos Aires in 2011, the same year in which he participated in two Startup Weekend events – one in Buenos Aires, and the other in Córdoba – winning both. After that he joined the organizing (Startup Weekend is an international organization, promoting and educating entrepreneurs through practical knowledge) team in Buenos Aires and co-organized two events in 2012. He then joined AIESEC in the area of External Relations (an international organization promoting multiculturalism and developing the next generation of leaders), and in the same year he helped Google moderating talks on the Google Developer Day in Buenos Aires. In 2014 he became the Lead Organizer for Startup Weekend Buenos Aires, organizing two events that year, and in the same year he was promoted to Global Facilitator, traveling a few days later to other cities such as Rosario, Argentina and Huancayo, Peru in order to provide assistance to the team of local organizers and help the entrepreneurial ecosystems grow.

At the end of the same year, José, representing Startup Weekend and in cooperation with other 30 organizations, helped formed the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Buenos Aires, a city that in the next year was recognized as one of the most important entrepreneurship hubs in the world.

In 2015 he continued as Lead Organizer of Startup Weekend and organized two more events, helped and advise JCI Argentina on entrepreneurship related events and Aiesec Argentina with startup profiles, along with introducing them to the entrepreneurship community of Buenos Aires. He also gave a talk during the Global Entrepreneurship Week for entrepreneurs.

Throughout this entire time, José has worked and cooperated with a diverse range of companies, small businesses, banks, organizations, movements, non-profits, investment funds, Angel Investor Networks, and governments.