Every talk is specially tailored to deliver as much value as possible , with a duration of 60 – 90 minutes, each one is equivalent to a seminar or course in that topic.

Steps to quicky start a business, with a professional image and reducing costs. 

The purpose of this talk is to give the participants a step-by-step process plus the tools they need so they can create what is necessary to lauch and test their ideas to the market, with a professional image, quickly and reducing costs.

Content Marketing: How to we attract our target audience by generating value?

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on the creation and distribution of high value content in a constant way to attract and retain a specific audience, with the ultimate goal of promoting actions with it that generate value to our organization.

Time Management and Productivity

We are all given 24 hours every day; Good, bad, successful, politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and more, the difference is in how we use those hours to advance towards our goals and objectives. This talk will have a broad view of time management and productivity, followed by specific techniques that allow us to better organize, maximize our performance in both personal and work environment.

Eyes over Earth: Understandig de Satellite Revolution

The sensors present in the current satellites can capture both qualitative and quantitative data on a constant basis and transmit them to us almost immediately, we are in the middle of a data revolution, we have never had before so many available data that show us so clearly the state of our planet, and the applications we can give to it are countless.